Friday, 29 January 2016

Free Up Storage On iPhone

How to Free Up Space on Your iPhone

Can you remember those days, when your phone had only the capacity of somewhere 10 texts and few contacts? How much we had to suffer due to the shortage of storage in our phone in those days! Now our iPhone facilitates us with ample storage option even the latest launch of iPhone 6S Plus, you can enjoy internal memory 16/64/128GB with 1 GB RAM. Still we are realizing that this storage space is not sufficient for us, as we have expanded our boundary more.
Therefore, it is always suggested to manage space in your iPhone earlier so that you don’t need to suffer for the problem of lack of storage space. Here are some effective tricks that tell you How To Free Up Space On Your iPhone.

·         Delete Unnecessary Text Messages

By default, all the messages you sent and received store in your phone- forever. Perhaps, you don’t to look for a 15 month old text conversation. So it is better to remove those unwanted conversation from your iPhone. To do this, you need to go to the settings app and select Message option. There you will get Message History> Keep Message option. You have to choose option from forever to 1 month or 1 year. Here you will get a pop up that ask you whether to delete your older message. Choose Delete option to proceed.

·         Stop Double Photo Saving

While using iPhone’s HDR or Instagram, you may have noticed that your iPhone has the tendency to save single photo in double mode- one is the HDR version and another is the normal version. In case of Instagram, the normal version is saved with cropped Instagram and the filtered version.
You need to stop this double photo saving by going to Settings and selecting Photos & Camera. Therefore, find out the option- Keep Normal Photo and unselect it. Similarly, you can stop double-save photo in Instagram by unselect its Save Original Photos.

·         Clear up the Browser Cache

While using Safari frequently, your iPhone saves Web history for many days that is not required at all. During your quest for how to free up space on your iPhone, you need to clean up the Safari browser cache. So go to Settings app and choose Safari. There you need to click on Clear History and Website Data. In case of using Chrome, you need to do the same thing by Clear Browsing Data.
·         Deleted Unnecessary Apps and Data

In order to free up space in your iPhone, you should keep watch on unnecessary apps and you should delete them by going to the Settings.

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